Steeped in Luxury: the Best Beach Resorts in the World

The holiday periods are an opportunity to indulge in various activities, to enjoy the sea, the sun and new adventures with his family. It is for this reason that seaside resorts are destinations of choice in the majority of cases. Each country has its particularities when we talk about these beautiful places. Feedback from many enthusiasts has still allowed selecting the best. You can log in to to find out which places fit your budget.

Those who have had the chance to spend a few days in South America have certainly heard of this Mexican beach. Cancún is, indeed, one of the most beautiful coves in the country of tacos. Located to the southeast on the Yucatan Peninsula, this town offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that this little village would ever be a worldwide success. But this beach of more than 20 km has quickly become a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Revisiting History

In addition to water activities and idleness, visitors can also access the various cultural sites, including the Mayan cities. It is in these places that the ruins of temples and pyramids of this ancient civilization have been preserved. After the tour, travelers can reach the Riviera Maya coast to enjoy the natural pools of warm water. Children will prefer to make a small detour accompanied by theme parks. The Selvática section is ideal for those who love horse riding or the pleasures of the Zipline.

Moorea Island

Considered as one of the essential islands during a trip to Polynesia, the island of Moorea is today more famous than its sister Tahiti in terms of tourist attraction. This is especially because newlyweds see it as a dream destination for their honeymoon. It is for this reason that special excursions are organized and recommended by the local hotel establishments as part of the honeymoon stays that take place on the premises.

The seaside resort of Moorea is above all a beautiful quiet beach where diving and surfing spots have been installed for the pleasure of holidaymakers. The amateurs of webbed hikes will go to meet the dolphins. They will discover in passing the underwater wonders of Polynesia. Thrill-seekers will opt for a helicopter ride and admire the view from the air. The tour can also be completed by a guided tour of the Shark feeding park where travelers will have the opportunity to feed the sharks themselves.

It is certainly one of the oldest coves on the island of the gods. Those who saw this long beach a few years ago understand this reality. From Sindhu to Karang via Semawang, this large 4-kilometer seaside resort has always been a major tourist destination since the beginning of the 20th century. Developments were still made for Sanur to regain its beauty before.

Adventure and Site Seeing

On the spot, the travelers will like in this sunny cove where the temperature of the water is ideal for a good part of bathing or snorkelling even in winter. Those who plan to put on their wetsuits and explore the seabed will appreciate the sight of multicolored live corals. They will find that the Vietnamese underwater fauna and flora remain intact despite the weather. The waves of Nha Trang will also offer a great experience to the sports enthusiasts practicing surfing or windsurfing.

In the field of international tourism, the reputation of this large city located at the extreme southeastern point of the state of Florida is no longer to be verified. The first advantage of this cove is certainly its ideal location between the Everglades National Park and the Atlantic Ocean allowing it to enjoy a mild climate and a beautiful tropical atmosphere. It’s in Miami Beach that vacationers will really enjoy their stay.